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American public as unexpected enablers of great tragedies?

American public as "unexpected" enablers of great tragedies? 

List of important events to which the America public showed no reaction, making them enablers of their own fate, which continues to this day:


Unprecedented intrigue in U.S. Supreme Court

Government intrigue.

Unprecedented lawsuit against Supreme Court Justices, and unprecedented apology by Justice Byron White for being unable—by himself—to help correct the serious matters brought to his attention. Guess the significance.

Tragic Side to Media Cover-Up of Government Corruption

Discover further evidence of media cover-ups that protect deadly corruption in government, and discover even more if a little effort  is exerted.

Compare the media attention to trivia in Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 to the media's censorship of major misconduct in certain U.S. airline disasters.

Increase your understanding of life as it really is.

Revolving Door Syndrome and American Tragedies

The role played by the decades of revolving door syndrome in the United States in such harmful events as aviation disasters, deaths, financial frauds, and other tragedies.

Book Series by Government Insiders on half Century of Government Intrigue

See the exciting evolution of intrigue and corruption in government positions, and the consequences, from the 1960s to 9/11, in the Defrauding America series of two dozen books. Written by Rodney Stich, with added input from several dozen former professionals throughout covert and law enforcement positions, and other insiders.

At book section, put the author's name, Rodney Stich.

Grief over Flight 370 victims should be now focused on prior victims

Grief over victims of Flight 370 should also raise outrage about the hundreds of victims of other aviation disasters that were victims of multiple frauds.



Most probable Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Scenario

A most-probable scenario of what happened on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is provided by someone with very unusual background, that gets away from much of the amateurish statements made on TV.

War Hero Imprisoned to Protect Corrupt DOJ Personnel

Every Veterans Day, the American public says nice things about America's war veterans. Now here's the chance to do something meaningful for a highly decorated Vietnam pilot.

He repeatedly risked his life to evacuate wounded GIs, and later, as a former FBI agent, he was sent to prison  on sham charges for revealing serious corruption in the New York City FBI offices that  included murders with Mafia capo, Gregory Scarpa, Sr.  Let's see how many people really care about real war heroes and are willing to protest this tragedy.


Different types of whistleblowers and effect upon the American people

Different types of American whistleblowers, how each type affects the American people, the type of whistleblower that is kept hidden by the American media, and the awesome consequences of that secrecy.

No Public Interest: DOJ Corruption and National Calamities

Can we assume that there is virtually nothing that will raise the curiosity of the American public to recognize the connection between corruption in government positions and resulting national calamities?

Proof may be at the full-page details in the Washington Times and the total non-response by the American public.

Whistleblower types, Ombudsmen, Tragedies

Links to understanding the different types of whistleblowers, the type of corruption they expose, the American tragedies associated with certain types, those who are real American ombudsmen, those kept secret by U.S. media, and great American tragedies enabled by Department of Justice attacks.

For serious readers.

Comparison of American Public to Pontius Pilate

Comparison of the non-responsive of the American public to massive corruption in the three branches of the federal government, and 40 years of resulting tragedies, to Pontius Pilate.


Competent Whistleblowers as American Ombudsmen

Competent whistleblowers with professional backgrounds in government operations are urgently needed to perform badly needed ombudsmen services to inform the American people of the worsening tragedy-resulting corruption in the three branches of government tragically affecting the people.

Also needed, enough responsible people to make the effort to read and understand the evidence.

U.S. Badly Needs Foreign Protesters

U.S. Has Urgent Need for Foreign Protestors
Recent full-page ad in the Washington Times national weekly edition revealed the carefully hidden corruption of key personnel in the U.S. Department of Justice that enabled the first series of al Qaeda terrorist attacks to succeed, that resulted in nearly 4,000 deaths, and led to two deadly wars.

The non-response by the America public to that documented information is further proof that the American public is incapable of responding to anything other than trivial matters. They continue being enablers to great harm and catastrophic events by refusing to react to earlier documented warnings.


America's Version of the Nazi's Gestapo, and the decades of great tragedies

America's Version of the Nazi's Gestapo, and the decades of great tragedies for the no-response American public.

Thousands protest discretionary matters while ignoring hardcore tragedy-enabling corruption

Thousands of Americans attend rallies against such subjective or discretionary matters as the keystone pipeline, while totally ignoring the hardcore corruption in government positions that for 40 years resulted in they suffering great harm, deaths, and catastrophic events.

The American public needs an injection of the courage and reaction against corrupt leaders as shown by the people of Turkey and other nations.

Implications of Supreme Court Justice's Apology to Emergency Petition Relating to Corruption-Enabled Terrorist Attacks

Implications of Supreme Court Justice's Apology to Emergency Petition Relating to Corruption-Enabled Terrorist Attacks

Unprecedented personal response by a Supreme Court Justice, to an emergency petition by a corruption-reporting whistleblower, with an unprecedented apology for not being to help, as a single justice, has important implications.

That petition detailed serious corruption in government offices related to prior and ongoing tragedies. A series of additional fraud-enabled terrorist attacks followed, and the lapdog media is covering up. Question: is the intelligence level of the American public capable of understanding the significance oif this serious matter and has the courage to react?

4,000 corruption-enabled terrorist deaths and the American public can't react without media guidance

4,000 corruption-enabled deaths and the American public can't react without media guidance.
Years ago, a president was driven from office by media pressure for covering up for a two-bit burglary. No harm done. Today, after DOJ officials deep-sixth advance information of the al Qaeda attacks that killed nearly 4,000 people and started two wars, covered up by the lapdog media, the American public can't think on their own to react. No wonder the U.S. suffered 40 years of preventable tragedies!


Life and death assignment meeting corruption and deaths

Official life-and-death assignment, and confrontation with corruption and deaths

Many things reveal the real character of a nation or its government. One example  is how a former Naval Aviator and federal airline safety inspector suffered—and many continued to die—after he accepted an official life-and-death assignment, and tried to correct the enabling misconduct, in the days when airline crashes and deaths were a routine event.

DOJ oligarchy and


DOJ Oligarchy and Corruption-Enabled Tragedy Riddled American Gulag

A documented list of arrogance and corruption by employees of the U.S. Department of Justice, resulting in decades of tragedies for the American people.

Reaction comparison to corruption between Turkish public versus American public

Comparison between the people of Turkey and the people of the United States to corruption in government:

People in Turkey and several other nations had the courage to rebel against corruption in government that was a small fraction of the tragedy-enabled corruption of U.S. leaders. Americans have done absolutely nothing except talk in generalities where no reading of the facts provided by former professionals in government are necessary. Are Americans more forgiving? dumbed down by the media? or just lazy? Here is one example of documented corruption that resulted in the worst series of terrorist successes in the nation's history.

Expected reaction by American public: zero!



Major Omissions to NSA and similar intelligence failures

Major omissions to NSA and similar intelligence failures.

There is an urgent need for the American public to understand the decades of U.S. intelligence failures, or cover-ups, that are being carefully withheld from the people. The American public could take lessons from the courageous people of Turkey that recognize corruption in government and took action to remove corrupt leaders. Only difference is that in the United States the decades of corruption and resulting harm, deaths, and catastrophic events, have been carefully withheld from the masses.

Unlike the American public, Turkey's public would never remain indifferent to the decades of harmful corruption in government that the docile Americans endure. One of hundreds of factual links by former professionals in government.

American public: forgiving, stupid, lazy, or what!

Forgiving, Stupid, Lazy, or What!

4,000 deaths; two wars; over a hundred thousand deathsall enabled by a deep-sixing of advance information by Department of Justice personnel to cover up for several decades of murders involving FBI-DOJ personnel in the New York City offices. And virtually no reaction by the American public.

In Turkey and other countries, courageous people are removing their corrupt leaders for lesser crimes than the corrupt actions of America's leaders, and resulting harm, deaths, and catastrophic events.

Are the American people that forgiving; that stupid; that lazy; or what?

Greatest danger to National Security? Holder or Snowden"

Who is right now putting the nation at the greatest risk, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, or Edward Snowden?

Holder is covering up for a  corrupt scheme by DOJ personnel that involved withholding advance information of the al Qaeda attacks to keep the public from learning about FBI involvement in murders with a brutal Mafia capo, enabling the nation's worse series of terrorist attacks in its history, and one of the nation's most costly scandals.

Covering up for that culture puts the nation at risk.
Another futile attempt to get a response from the American public!

Congress' fear of DOJ retaliation and Great Unreported DOJ Crimes

Why members of Congress remain silent about corruption in the Department of Justice—including the DOJ deep-sixing of advance information of the original series of terrorist attacks the enabled the nation's worse series of terrorist attacks to occur in the nation's history.

One example is the prosecution of Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife (January 21, 2014) for allegedly  accepting gifts, vacations, and trips from corporations. It shouldn't be done, but most politicians do this, making them susceptible to discretionary DOJ prosecution.

That is one reason why nothing is done about the DOJ corruption stated at

Are greatest enemy foreign, or internal?

Corruption-fighting whistleblower's worst enemy? External, as a Navy pilot, or internal, while  trying to halt fraud-related deaths in an official government assignment.

You also are part of the feeding trough for our leaders!

NSA and Beyond

Far more secrets on the recent NSA postings that dig much deeper into the secret government. This information is provided by the corruption-fighting whistleblower, Rodney Stich.

New York Times Cover-Up and 9/11

New York Times corporation has a dilemma. Their ombudsman acknowledged a report from a corruption-fighting-whistleblower about advance information concerning the first deadly series of al Qaeda attacks that were deep-sixth by high-level Department of Justice personnel.
Consequences of those corrupt acts were 4,000 deaths, two wars, and much more.

For those capable of digesting over 140-Twitter characters, go to

Better then Bureaucrats listening; take the damn mail!@

People complain about bureaucrats snooping into their telephone calls. But try this for size: Bureaucrats divert and forward the mail of a corruption-exposing-whistleblower to an undisclosed location; the postmaster admits it; U.S. attorney and local member of Congress, George Miller, approves it, and media covers up.


Navy, airline, and general aviation flying pictures, 1940 to 1990

Aviation pictures taken from prior to Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor, continuing until about 1990, by the longest corruption-fighting-whistleblower.

Defense Secretary Gate's Dark Hidden Past

The media in January 2014 gave considerable coverage to the book by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates in which Gates gives his opinion on various politicians.

His opinions should be considered in light of Gates' former roles in the October Surprise operation; Iran-Contra; the Pan Am Flight 103 cover-up; the CIA money-laundering with the BCCI bank; his involvement in covert activities with Edwin Wilson; and Operation Ringwind.

These are described in the book, Defrauding America, based upon information provided to author Rodney Stich by insiders.

Unprecedented apology by Supreme Court Justice

 Several Supreme Court explosive issues. What type of corruption-enabling tragedies were stated in an emergency petition sent to Supreme Court Justice Byron White?
What is the significance of his personal response to that emergency petition? And the even greater or more alarming significance to his
apology for not being able to help
—as a single Supreme Court Justice?
Why were the other Justices not willing to help?

Unprecedented lawsuit against Supreme Court Justices

Suing Supreme Court Justices. For serious minds:

What was the basis for a never-before lawsuit against Supreme Court Justices?

What was the evidence accusing the Justices of high-level corruption cover-ups that resulted in great harm to people?

What is the implication of total media cover-up of the proceedings that continued for a year?

NSA says continue spying: see prior consequences

Judges in secret court say OK for NSA to spy on the people.

Discover documented misconduct of federal judges that played enabling role in series of terrorist attacks—another of the many secrets kept from the people by U.S. media.

Comparative Responsibility Between Mafiosfi and American Public

Was a former member of the New York City Colombo Mafia a more responsive citizen at  a time of great crisis then the average American? When he learned of planned al Qaeda attacks, he and his attorney reported the information to local law enforcement personnel, at great risk to him and his family.
When the American public was repeatedly advised of how high-level Department of Justice personnel deep-sixed that advance information, resulting in almost 4,000 deaths, followed by two wars, the response was ZERO! God help the American public!!!

Mystery lawsuit against Supreme Court Justices and later apology by a Justice

Why would  a lawsuit against the Supreme Court Justices be kept secret from the public by  the media, and why would a Supreme Court Justice later apologize  to the whistleblower filing the suit?

Takes a lot more than a Twitter mindset to understand the gravity of this matter.,  and

Something the Smart Americans Never Do--and How American Life Has Become!


Something the American people should never do—and how different American life has become! If they did, life in America would be totally different. Those politicians and bureaucrats in government—and their shills—applaud Americans for not being so foolish!


Gullible American public as a feeding trough

The gullible American public serving as a feeding trough for America's politicians, bureaucrats, and other charlatans—and the four decades of the price paid by the victims, as recorded by corruption-fighting whistleblowers. The cost includes lives, freedom through imprisonment, liberties, seizure of assets, fear, and more. Thank you for being such gullible victims!

Proof that the American public will never learn!

Blog for accurate insider information on corruption in governmment.

Factual information from insiders about crisis events in America. Insiders, with factual information on harm enabling corruption in government, are encouraged to post.

Life and Death Assignment and American Tragedies


How accepting an official life-and-death assignment as an FAA airline safety inspector, during the days of repeated airline disasters, greatly expanded to include some of America's worst tragedies—that will remain unrecognized by the American public, obsessed with trivia.


Judicial "protections" and national consequences

President Obama and others have said that the public need not fear government surveillance, because the courts will protect their rights. View 30 years of documented "protection"  by federal judges and the consequences of their "protection," provided by former federal personnel, and what it has meant for the America people:

Ignorance is bless: Government tactics protecting against terrorism

Recent media reports state that the America public believes that what government personnel are doing is more important to protect against terrorism. Ignorance is bliss.

It was the unpublicized misconduct of government personnelprotected by media cover-upsthat enabled a series of terrorist attacks to succeed and kill thousands of Americans, and lead to two deadly wars.

Sample for thinkers:

DOJ and Tragedy Enable American Gulag

A documented list of arrogance and corruption by employees of the U.S. Department of Justice, resulting in decades of tragedies for the American people—who won't even read the details due to their obsession with trivia.

DOJ Acting As Tragedy Enabling American Gulag

A documented list of arrogance and corruption by employees of the U.S. Department of Justice, resulting in decades of tragedies for the American people—who won't even read the details due to their obsession with trivia.


Awesome misuse of DOJ power

Example of how Department of Justice employees can corruptly misuse state and local government personnel in a scheme to silence whistleblowers, with sometime catastrophic consequences.

Deaths During that of President Kennedy

On the day  that President Kennedy was killed, FAA airline safety inspector Rodney Stich, on an official assignment to halt the crash-enabling corruption at a politically powerful airline and a related FAA office, came under attack.

During that assignment and the attacks to block carrying it out, the crashes and deaths continued, with life-and-death consequences.

Details at and in the  book, History of  Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11.

For many family members, those deaths were even more devastating that that of President Kennedy. Robert Kennedy later wrote to Stich, planning to investigate the matter.

Different types of whistleblowers and how American public has beens affected by each.

Discover the different types of whistleblowers, and how the American public has been affected, some tragically, by the different types.

Pathetic Conduct of American Public to Corruption in Government

Pathetic conduct of American public to corruption in government. The tragedies of a corruption-fighting whistleblower, catastrophic events, and the non-responsive American public.

Project with Possible Dramatic Consequences

Project: Contact the listed members of Congress listed ask what they did in response to the information provided that associated unpublicized arrogance and corruption and a series of catastrophic events that changed life in America.

Enough letters will surely stir up more reaction than you can possibly comprehend.

Try it, and then stand back!

Twitter's Value Shows Value of American Public Ignorance

Twitter reportedly valued at $31 Billion. What does this say about the American public that is dumbed down to 140 character reading capability?

Fabulous for keeping the American public ignorant about the corruption enabling great tragedies.

Makes a fool of any insider seriously exposing high-level corruption-enabling tragedies—and suffering the consequences for not being a quiet coward.